This program deals with non-clinical aspects of beauty therapy and aesthetics. The program will help you acquire skills related to beauty therapy, hair styling and care, grooming and aesthetics.

Who will benefit from this course, you may ask. Candidates who want to build a rewarding career in beauty therapy will benefit from this course. Though this domain is dominated by female candidates, even male candidates are eligible to pursue these courses.

Have you ever been to a beauty parlor? If yes, you must be knowledgeable about the tasks performed by a beautician. He/she is capable of performing tasks such as – beauty therapy, massages, grooming, hair care and more. These things form the non-clinical side of cosmetology. It deals with aspects such as skincare, hair care, styling etc.

 After completing this training program, you will be knowledgeable about common beauty therapy practices, beauty products, client management, communication skills, relevant equipment and safety precautions.

 The course provided three exit options. If you are unable to complete the program due to any reason, you may take the exit option and earn a certificate. Here are the exit options –

  1. Diploma certificate after completing 1 year
  2. Advanced Diploma after completing 2 years
  3. Bachelor’s Degree after completing 3 years (full program)



The academic program is 3 years long. It has various exit options too (Diploma after 1st year, Advanced Diploma after 2 years and Bachelor’s Degree after 3 years).


Minimum educational qualification required is – completed 12th (Arts, Commerce or Science) from a recognized board.

SCOPE After doing B.Voc ( B&W ), depending upon your aptitude, interest and skill set, you can work in the following areas:

  • Beauty parlors
  • Spas
  • Beauty clinics
  • Beauty products marketing firms

If you are interested in self-employment, you may start your own beauty parlor. You may start on a small or medium scale. With time, you may scale up the size of your venture.

Starting salary depends upon different factors. Some such notable factors are –

  • Job location
  • Profile of the employer
  • His/her academic performance
  • His/her skills and aptitude
  • Job profile

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