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Dr. P. Bedi


Dr. P. Bedi, Director

The principle of education is to bring grade of knowledge & awareness and to enjoy life in a well-ordered conduct. We are dedicated to do so by providing an assortment of courses, which are vibrant, self-motivated and dynamic in personality . Our continuous endeavor is to instill the right values in our students our motto being “Humanize, Spiritualize, Equalize. The college has an art of state facility comprising of equipped campus which include spacious classrooms with Audio- Visual presentation facility, modern computer lab with internet, library with lending and reading facility, common room, indoor- outdoor games facilities, canteen, seminar hall etc. All this is aimed to make the students ready to face the competition and challenges in life.

In this great college, our students are surrounded by astonishing resources -- fascinating fellow students from all over India, a learned and caring faculty, a well- stocked `library, superb sport facilities and extra-curricular opportunities covering every conceivable interest – from arts to sports and from entrepreneurship to community service. They will have complete freedom to explore, learn about new subjects, meet new people and pursue new passions. I want to encourage our students, in every way that I can, to make the most of this rare and unique opportunity. To succeed in the global market, organization will need to evaluate innovative strategies that capitalize in each and every sphere of life and the upcoming consumer demands. Making a pyramid for all courses, in which a learner gets flexibility of enduring advanced education in his own pace and convenience.

With a sense of pride, I extend a warm invitation to the highly talented generation of today to become a part of the enthusiastic, sincere, knowledgeable and spirited Satyam Group family.

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